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This deviation was deleted

As a stand alone piece of artwork the subject of this photo is good; creative and a fun use of a found object.

However, I am critiquing this as a piece of photographic work.

Photographically this feels a little lacking however, the framing and composition feels a little un-inventive and the lighting is very harsh.

The first problem I have with composition is that you have cut off part of the face at the bottom of the image.

I feel that this could be greatly improved and turned into a piece of photographic art by moving the camera and playing with angles. I think you need to turn a very interesting subject into an interesting photograph. Try taking the photo from a lower angle, turning the head around or shooting a small piece of detail from the subject.

From a lighting perspective it looks like you used your built in camera flash; this has created very harsh shadows and given a very flat look with little contrast.

It would be great if you used an external light source; a lamp is perfect for creating directional light away from the plane of the camera. This will create depth, texture and improve the contrast of the image. Maybe you could try lighting through the eye sockets, or from the side, or turn it into a silhouette by placing the light behind the subject.

All of the suggestions above would take this photo from being just an interesting subject of a snapshot, to a good and artistically interesting photograph!

I hope that is of some use.
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